National Subcontractors Alliance

Uniting the Construction Industry
Through Advocacy, Communication, and Education

About Us

20 Years Of Uniting The Construction Industry

Formed in 2003 by five of the nation’s largest local subcontractor organizations, NSA is designed to open the lines of communication between it’s members and encourage the exchange of information and ideas. We now have twelve chapters and  represents over 3,500 member companies. We  meet annually at our annual NSA Conference.

The National Subcontractors Alliance connects associations across the United States that share a common purpose, and provides a forum to exchange information and influence the national debate on construction issues.

Our Mission

To promote the exchange of information among member organizations and foster opportunities for industry representation on a national level. NSA member associations represent businesses in nearly every specialty trade, as well as suppliers and professional service providers to the subcontracting industry.

Our Members

NSA membership is open to any local, regional or state association dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights and interests of specialty contractors in the construction industry.

Membership is open to any local, state or regional association dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights and interests of specialty contractors in the construction industry.

Join Us And Get Exclusive Access!


Through NSA, you’re connected with industry leaders from across the country who provide a wealth of information and ideas to help build your local organization and promote the business success of your members.


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NSA keeps members informed of industry and association news from around the country through live meetings, online member network, social media, and our official publication, NSA Today. In addition, Members have direct access to news and information from other Member Associations on a regular basis.


NSA Spring Conference is offered to further the National Subontractors Alliance’s (NSA) mission to network, advocate, and educate nationally. We also have several other events that we host throughout the year!

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